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We provide specialist English-Danish translation services within the fields of IT & Tech, Multimedia, E-commerce and Marketing in general.

Since 2021, we have been a trusted partner of major language service providers for projects ranging from hundreds to more than 100,000 words, while meeting the requirements of global companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Panasonic, and more. 

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As a trained IT professional and translator I can speak to the significance of knowledge when it comes to translating IT- and tech-related source material. For quality translation, it is essentual that the translator understands both the technical concepts and the brand-specific terminology and knows how to structure and decern compiled product names and descriptors.

-Benjamin Wilde Holmgeirsson


Benjamin W. Holmgeirsson

Translator, Reviewer



Melissa Kjær Winther

Sworn Translator
Bachelor of Danish Sign Language, interpreter.

TANJA PROFIL_edited_edited.png

Tanja W. Holmgeirsson

Assistant translator

helgi profil_edited_edited.jpg

Helgi Holmgeirsson

Translator, reviewer

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